🥀Blood of Hercules Coming Soon!

A new dark fairytale romantasy series. Keep your eyes peeled for this enemies to stalkers retelling of Hercules.

Alexis Hert has to train at the deadly Spartan War Academy, and her two scary mentors are the infamous Achilles and Patro. What will happen when she discovers she's Hercules . . . will she claim her birthright? Or will she be consumed by the dark politics of the Olympic Houses?

The Psycho Shifters Sadie's Complete Collection

Out now! Don't miss out on this new collection which contains Psycho Shifters, Psycho Fae, and Psycho Beasts in ONE BIG book. Available in print and ebook on Amazon.

Note: the spine design on this print book will also match up with the spine design on the last three print books in the series.

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Psycho Gods Audiobook Available Now!

Don’t miss the hilarious and sexy last book in Aran’s series. Sadie and Aran’s stories are now complete in this #1 bestselling enemies to lovers series

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New Discreet Book Covers!

New discreet covers available now in paperback and hardback on Amazon! Order all six books in either version to unveil the design on the spines.

Find out why over 335 million pages of the Psycho Shifters Series have been read on Amazon.

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Jasmine Mas

Author of the sarcastically funny internationally best-selling Cruel Shifterverse series. Her new series Blood of Hercules is coming soon!

Stay tuned, new sarcastic and sexy Blood of Hercules Series by Jasmine Mas coming soon! What if she was Hercules, and what if the two most most depraved spartans alive . . . were obsessed with her? Read to find out 🥀.